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Face Cream or Face Serum?Updated 6 months ago

The Organic Face Cream and Organic Flawless Face Serum are two of our best-selling products. Each contains differing oils which are excellent for the face, so it's quite beneficial to alternate the two. 

The serum uniquely contains frankincense and myrrh and has a higher amount of red raspberry oil (which acts as a natural SPF equivalent of approximately 45). For that reason, some people like to use the serum for day use and use the cream for nighttime. We encourage you to try each product in the morning and in the evening and see what works best for your skin routine! More information regarding the ingredients can be found under each product's description on our website.

Ultimately, the choice of how to use the serum and/or face cream is totally up to you and your personal preference. They can be used separately or together, but we usually recommend using them separately as they each do a fantastic job of moisturizing your face on their own. 

If you wish to choose only one of these products for your routine, we would recommend that you try the option that you're most drawn to! In this case, it's worth noting that the serum is more resistant to heat, as excessive heat exposure (such as that from a hot shower) can cause our creams to go bad before their expected shelf life since none of our products include any chemical preservatives and thus should be handled in a similar way that you would handle food. 

For both products, a little goes a long way! They each will spread more easily on the skin if it is freshly washed and dried (and especially if applied after our facial Hydrosol).

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